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In offering cardiology services, we carry out various tests to obtain results for early diagnosis and treatment of heart-related conditions or circulatory system disorders. Equipped with various advanced cardiological equipment, we use several techniques to develop reliable results for patient care and offer a broad range of cardiac services from our non-invasive examinations and tests. These tests include:

We offer Electrocardiogram (ECG) tests, a non-invasive procedure which records the electrical activities of the heart over a period of time using electrodes attached to the surface of the skin. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses by the depolarization and re-polarization of cardiac which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract. These impulses can be detected by the ECG machine and recorded on a moving strip of paper or a line on a screen. ECG helps to find the cause of symptoms such as palpitations or chest pain. Sometimes it is done as part of routine tests such as before surgery. Our ECG equipment also detects disorders like Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), Cardiac Dysrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythms), Ischaemia (abnormal blood supply), abnormal impulse generation and propagation.

Echocardiography tests sometimes just called an ‘ECHO‘ such as the Standard 2-D, 3-D and Doppler ultrasound are offered by Hermon. It is an advanced ultrasound non-invasive procedure which creates images of the heart as the device picks up echoes of sound waves as they bounce off the various parts of the heart. Once converted, these echoes become moving or static pictures of the heart’s chambers, valves, walls and the blood vessels (aorta, arteries, veins), etc and can be seen on a video screen. Echocardiography can detect the size and shape of the heart, pumping capacity, location and extent of any tissue damage as well as disorders such as Cardiomyopathies, Stenosis, abnormal blood flow and so many other conditions.

The Electroencephalography (EEG) test involves the recording of the brain’s natural electrical activities over a period of time. It is detected by many special sensors called electrodes placed over the scalp of the head, all connected by wires to a computer. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns by measuring voltage fluctuations and provides evidence of how the brain functions on a printed record. Brain disorders such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, coma, encephalopathies and several others can be diagnosed using this test. Routine clinical EEG recording usually lasts about 25–30 minutes.

At Hermon, we offer Spirometry services to determine how well your lungs are functioning. This is achieved by measuring how much air you inhale and exhale and how rapidly you do so. The tests can diagnose Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Fystic fibrosis, and several other conditions which affect your breathing. Our Spirometry tests can also be used to confirm how well treatment for a lung condition is working. By breathing into a mouthpiece, the machine records your results and you can know more about the functioning of your lungs, chest wall and respiratory muscles. The results are often measured directly or calculated and may be repeated if necessary.


Our Dialysis facility is set-up to provide affordable, quality dialysis to people with kidney disease through individualized care. We are well equipped to deliver the patient experience with the latest technology, water filtration system, dialysis machines and certified professional staff.

Our hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration units are programmed for minimal noise allowing a restful dialysis session. In-built blood leak detectors and blood pressure monitor ensure maximum patient safety during dialysis.

We provide comprehensive medical support for our dialysis patients and proper management of complications that may arise during dialysis. Provisions are made for dialysis patients with unique/special medical conditions. At Hermon Diagnostics, WE DO NOT REUSE dialysis filters. ALL consumables are sterile and for single use.


Hermon’s Radiology services uses various radiation techniques like X-rays and other high-energy radiation to develop images of the body internally for diagnosis and precise treatment of diseases. Our Laboratory is equipped with advanced Radiology equipments for accurate, precise and reproducible results for various medical conditions requiring diagnostic images. Our range of examinations include tests in Radiology include:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive non- non ionizing imaging test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. In many cases MRI gives different information about structures in the body than can’t be seen with an X-ray, ultrasound, or Computed Tomography (CT) scan. MRI also may show problems that cannot be seen with other imaging modalities, due to its superior soft tissue resolution.

Computed Tomography (CT) scan is a non-invasive imaging test that uses X-rays (ionizing radiations) to make detailed pictures of structures inside of the body. CT scan uses a computer that takes data from several X-ray images of structures inside our body and converts them into pictures on a monitor. Please note that certain CT tests require special preparedness, like a CT Abdomen & Pelvic Scan requires one to be on fasting, while drinking water can be taken. We advise you to take up a prior notice to get prepared for your test.

Our group of trained and certified radiologists and health professionals ensure that proper procedures and accurate results are always available to meet your needs for digital X-ray. These machines use ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in diagnosis, producing digital X-ray films for radiological studies. Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. The advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. X-rays find multiple clinical applications and we offer outstanding image quality with shorter examination time and very least exposure at lower cost.

Ultrasound scan or sonography is a diagnostic test which exploits high-frequency sound waves to obtain live images of the inside of your body. At Hermon, we offer Ultrasound scans for wide clinical applications such as in detecting problems in the various organs of the body like the liver, kidney, heart, ovaries, bladder, alimentary canal, uterus or abdomen and so on. In this way, there is no need for an incision to determine if there is ailment in your organs, vessels and tissues. Ultrasound is also used for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy and images are generally resolved as a flat grainy grey image.

Hermon operates digital mammography equipment, and this is the most technologically advanced method today for the early detection of breast anomalies in women which has many advantages. Firstly, it uses low-dose x-ray system. It also means the examination itself is quicker. The images of a mammographic exam, called a mammogram, are clearer and easier to read – especially close to the skin line. And the image is available within seconds and stored electronically. Consequently, our radiographers do not have to call back patients because of poor examinations. It also locates any anomalies very precisely so that when a biopsy needs to be taken, the equipment allows automatic calculation of the co-ordinates of the lesion, resulting in quicker exams and less discomfort for women. Early detection provides the best opportunity for women to treat breast cancer successfully.

This diagnostic test also exploits high-frequency sound waves in similar in principle to the 2-D Ultrasound scan. However, the 4D scans combine sections of 2D images to create a 3D image, with the result that you can see the image with far higher resolution and even the internal organ or fetus moving in real-time. This is why it is often used for viewing the baby in the womb when further detail is required such as more accurate detection of defects in the baby, development level of the fetus, placenta assessment and many others. 4-D Sonography also finds application in detailed assessment various kinds of body organs, vessels and tissues. Ultrasound imaging is non-invasive, safer and a preferred choice by doctors for diagnosis.

A Doppler ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through a blood vessel. During pregnancy, Doppler ultrasound may be used to look at blood flow in an unborn baby (fetus) to check the health of the fetus. Doppler studies can also be applied in suspected venous thrombosis, vascular diseases, as well as general vascular assessment. Color Doppler uses standard ultrasound methods to produce a picture of a blood vessel. Also, a computer converts the Doppler sounds into colors that are overlaid on the image of the blood vessel and that represent the speed and direction of blood flow through the vessel.


Our Pathology services involve the laboratory examination of samples of body tissues and fluids to determine the causes and effects of diseases. Our Laboratory is equipped with the latest automated analyzers installed to ensure accuracy, precision and reproducible and reliable results within the shortest turn-around-time. Our range of examinations include tests in:

We operate a Clinical Chemistry Laboratory to provide support to the clinician and doctors in diagnosing disease and monitoring treatment. The data generated by our laboratory and the interpretation of this data, assists the clinician in the diagnosis and definition of disease with biochemical etiology and/or secondary biochemical manifestations. Tests we conduct include detection and analysis of: Electrolytes, Renal (Kidney) Function Tests, Liver Function Tests, Total protein (serum), Albumin, Globulins, A/G ratio (albumin-globulin), Protein electrophoresis, Urine protein, Bilirubin; direct; indirect; total, Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), Cardiac Markers, Blood Disorders, Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Fasting blood sugar, Lipid profile, Lipoprotein studies and several others.

Hematology is the study of blood, blood components and blood diseases. The blood contains many different chemicals and particles which may be tested. Sometimes the cells are tested or at times the liquid part of the blood (plasma) will be tested. We conduct investigations in this field for conditions like low blood levels, increased blood level (polycythemia), blood abnormalities (leukemia), Full Blood Count, Blood Clotting (INR) Test, ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate), Test for Iron, Vitamin B12 and folates, FeIBC (serum iron) and Ferritin, Homeostasis Investigation, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Prothrombim time (PT), Kaolin-cepthalin clotting time, Platelets count and several others. These investigations also help in ascertaining infections and immunity status of your body. In order to undergo an investigation, please consult your treating doctor or walk-in into one of our facilities to seek further information on all the tests available.

Immunology/Serology is the study of body’s immune status via blood serum which is the clear fluid that separates when blood clots. In other words it informs you about the ability of your body system to protect against infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and several worms. At Hermon, we focus on identifying antibodies, proteins made by a type of white blood cell in response to a foreign substance (antigen) in the body. This is because certain microorganisms stimulate the body to produce antibodies during an active infection. Investigations in this area include Syphilis testing, Widal, Malaria antibodies, HIV antibodies, Rubella virus testing, Hepatitis A, B & C screening, Blood grouping (ABO & RH), Antibody Titration, Coomb’s tests, Anti A/B Haemolysin Test, Tuberculosis, Amebiasis, Anthrax, Brucellosis, RSV, Tularemia, Viral hepatitis (various types), Fungal arthritis, Meningitis, cryptococcal Meningitis, H. influenza Meningitis, meningococcal and advance Cancer markers are also available. In order to undergo an investigation, please consult your treating doctor or walk-in into one of our facilities to seek further information on all the tests available.

Endocrinology is the study of hormones. Hormones are bio-chemicals which help in normal metabolic functions of the body. Abnormalities in their secretion and transport from one part of the body to the other usually result in diseases. Some of these diseases are Diabetes, Infertility, Thyroidism, etc. The investigations in this area include hormonal profiles for fertility studies, insulin testing, growth hormone tests, Diabetes tests, Pituitary Hormone tests, Thyroid Function Tests, Glucose Tolerance Tests, Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormones Test, Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) test, Prolactin test, Vasopressin test, etc.

Medical Microbiology/ Parasitology is the study of disease causing agents. These agents are called micro-organisms or microbes. There are four kinds of micro-organisms that cause infectious disease; bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. These agents if not detected on time in body fluids could result in serious organ failures and breakdown of the body functions. Investigations in this area include Urine Microscopy, Culture & Sensitivity, Stool Microscopy, Culture & Sensitivity, Occult blood, Blood Culture & Sensitivity, Widal Reaction XDRL, Rheumatoid factor, A.S.O Titre, Australian antigen, Sputum for A-AFB, C.S.F. Microscopy & Cell count, Culture & Sensitivity, Skin tests like SNIP for Microfilaria, Scrapping from fungal elements, Seminal fluid Analysis (SFA), Urethral Swab, Vaginal Swab Microscopy; Culture & Sensitivity, various Swabs and other tests.

Histology is simply the study of body tissues under the microscope, often enhanced by applying histological stains. Cytology is similar to the histology but the focus is on the Cells with focus on the structure, function and chemistry of the cells under examination. Tests we offer include: Biopsies (prostrate, cervix, and others), HPV testing and many more.

Molecular Biology is a study of science that covers biology, chemistry and genetics to detect a disease or a disease process. Many courses of diseases may not be detected with the simpler chemical tests but can be identified through these advance investigations. Using both automated and semi-automated analysis systems, we at Hermon’s diagnostics also conduct important tests relating to biological processes at the levels of molecules, cells and organisms. Some of the in vitro diagnostic systems used in our laboratory identify microorganisms and determine antimicrobial susceptibility. We also monitor the biological activities between biomolecules in a cell, including the interactions between DNA, RNA and proteins. These tests sometimes overlap with clinical chemistry and are useful in a range of medical scenarios such as: Detecting some microorganisms, especially fastidious bacteria, Oncology, Human leucocyte antigen typing, Coagulation, Pharmacogenomics, HIV, Genetics/DNA screening, Hepatitis C core antigen and other advance investigations.

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hermon diagnostics and medical

Our Cardiology services carries out various tests to obtain results for early diagnosis and treatment of heart-related conditions or circulatory system disorders. Equipped with various advanced cardiological equipments, we use several techniques to develop reliable results for patient care and offer a broad range of cardiac services from our non-invasive examinations and tests. These tests include Electrocardiography ECG, Echocardiography, Spirometry and Electroencephalography (EEG).

Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly.

The process of uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease.


We study tissues and bodies to determine the causes and effects of disease or injury

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